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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some general questions that people often ask and helpful information for those seeking answers

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1. What does the current BETA Pricing mean?

The current BETA pricing allows you to get positioned as a founding member at either Pro/Premium level, the current prices will remain the same, for you, indefinitely.

2. Is the price going to increase in the second year?

The special founding member pricing is not just for the first year but the same super-discounted price every year.

3. What is the ETA for launch / when will BETA end?

We do not give out ETA’s, we are building a solid foundation pre-launch. No set date.

4. What are the differences between BETA and Pro?

PRO: Remove Zenler Branding, Custom Domain & Live feature, No Transaction fees

BETA: 10% fee for every course sale, a limit on emails (1k) and leads(5k)

5. How long will the current BETA Pricing be in place?

No set date, COVID19 has allowed us to take a step back and assist as many course creators to get set up as cost-efficiently as possible.

6. Can you give me an ETA for a new feature that is planned?

We do not give out ETA’s due to the nature of the tasks involved.

7. When do Partner Programme payouts happen?

Zenler payout is on the 1st of each month provided they have met 30-day money back. Otherwise, it will be carried over to next month’s payouts.

8. Who do you mean by NZ founding member?

It is anyone who gets in on any of the pricing plans before the launch.

9. Can I move later to Premium at the same level that I get in?

Yes, as a special deal for founding members - you are locked in at the level you get in. So you can move from Pro to Premium at the level you get in.
This means if you get in at the current discounted price on Beta, you could move to that current discounted price on Premium at any point later - just for the founding members.

10. Do you have a monthly plan?

Yes, we do have a monthly plan. However, note that year will be the best value.

11. Will you have a Free plan when you launch?

Yes, there will be a free plan with features limited to Course Creation and Delivery. However, we do not really recommend this for serious course creators.

12. Is any transaction fee taken when selling courses on Free Beta?

10% Transaction fees on Free Beta. 0% when you upgrade to Paid plans(Pro/Premium).

13. How do I sell Digital Products in NZ?

14. Why the changes I have saved in the Page editor are not reflected in the preview?

Sometimes your local cache plays up. So any issues always before reporting - make sure to clear your cache or File > New Incognito window in your browser and then retry.

If the issue continues after doing the above please drop a line to with page details.

15. What is the use of tags?

Tags are how you can segment your students.
Example: If someone joins your free course you use automation to apply a free tag.
Later down the line, you might want to send an email broadcast to everyone that has the Free tag applied. Or maybe exclude everyone with the Free tag.

16. Can I use any other payment gateway instead of PayPal or Stripe?

You can add a button on the course checkout page that redirects to your payment gateway.

17. Can I create Subscription plans under PayPal?

Subscriptions are not supported for Paypal as of now. When Paypal's new API supports subscriptions we will look at supporting it.

18. Is there an option to apply the tracking code globally?

Yes. You can set up this from Site > Site Settings > Globel Includes.

19. How can I avoid Spam Signup for my site?

You can enable the captcha.

20. What is the video size supported in NEW Zenler?

We are supporting videos up to 2GB for paid users and for free it's upto 1GB. And we always recommend using Handbrake to compress video without losing quality. This can reduce up to 1/10th the size.

21. How can I edit/update the system generated email contents?

From Site -> Language -> System Emails.

22. Is there any option for Students to submit Assignments?

Yes, this feature is available in New Zenler.

23. What are the video types supported?

All video types are supported.

24. How long the Affiliate program cookies last for?

The cookie will last for 90days. So, the user has to browse the referral link and signup within these 90days to get the referral credit.

25. What is meant by 3 sites/ 10 sites under the Pro/ Premium plan?

You can add as many Sites as your plan allows. Each site will have its own Data (Courses/Funnels/Students/Emails etc).

26. Do you have a collection of site theme designs to choose from?

Theme wise we only have one theme now. But we have a huge collection of ready-made blocks already. And with elements, you can replicate almost any design as well. More themes are coming up a bit later.

26. I am having some issues accessing my NEW Zenler account.

This usually means you have changed the site name/ email ID and you are trying the old one.

27. From where can I edit the Marketing Consent Text and Cookie message?

From Site -> Site Settings -> GDPR Settings.

28. What are the limitations of a free Beta account?

Apart from Removing Zenler Branding, Live & Custom Domain, the only restriction during Beta would be a limit of 1k for the number of marketing emails & 5k for the number of leads you could import during Beta.

It is 10% for Zenler Beta(Free plan) and there is no transaction fee once you subscribed to a paid plan (Pro/ Premium Plan).

The free plan when we launch will have limited features - mainly just course hosting/delivery as in Old Z with a 10% cut.

29. Does NZ have a blog feature?

Yes, New Zenler has a blog feature.

30. How the video series funnel works?

You just need to send leads the link to each funnel step on the respective automation emails.

31. Where can I find New Zenler Terms and conditions?

32. Where can I find New Zenler Privacy Policy?

33. How can I reset the password for one of my students, who has failed to access their account?

You can choose any of the following to get over this issue:
You can edit the Student details from Site-> People -> Student-> Action: Edit
From the Student Profile, you can update the password.
And you can notify your student via email.

Please send the Student details (Name & Login Email ID) to They will assist you.

Please ask them to reset the password from the password reset link:

Password reset link: Site-URL/password/reset

34. Will the unsubscribed users receive my emails?

No. Each time you send a broadcast/automation it will only send to those who haven't unsubscribed.

35. Does NZ have an app for users?

Yes, NZ has an app. With Zenler App you can access all your Zenler sites.

36. Are the Student requests to admin stored anywhere in the System?

They don't get stored anywhere, just get sent to your email address

37. How can I create a landing page to collect email addresses?

You can create a Marketing Funnel for the same.

38. Where can I find the Zenler Public API Documentation?

39. Can I bulk update/modify the tag for a list of users?

For now, you have to edit the profile of each user and change the tag.

40. Can I add multiple tags while importing a list of users?

No. for now you can add only one tag per import.

Or you have to import the same list multiple times to add more tags.

41. Where can I find the NEW Zenler pricing details?

42. About NEW Zenler?

43. Is there a monthly plan option for NEW Zenler?

Yes, you can contact for the same.

44. Is there Email Notifications For Community Posts?


45. What are the limits on NZ LIVE?
300 Attendees
100 Total Live Sessions per month
1.5 hrs duration on each session by default. But you can also now run 25 sessions with an extended duration of 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs in this.
10 super-extended (new) for up to 4 hours per month

Total 100 Live credits for Pro /month = 65 sessions up to 1.5 hrs + 25 sessions up to 2 hrs + 10 sessions up to 4 hrs (new).
500 Attendees
300 Total Live Sessions per month
1.5 hrs duration on each session by default. But you can also now run 100 sessions with an extended duration between 1.5 hrs to 2hrs in this.
50 super-extended (new) for up to 4 hours per month

46. Is there any solution when the recurring payments of NZ plan purchases fail because of Indian RBI automatic payment rules?

An Instructor based in India, suggests as follows:

"It works for me with HDFC international card. It also depends on the transaction history of that card. The same card has to be removed and added again every 3 to 5 months. This will stand good in the eyes of RBI."

We recommend using the yearly payment option instead of monthly to reduce issues around this.

47. Once Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is set up can I still access my account if I don’t have access to my Mobile/Authenticator App?

Yes, even without the Authenticator App or Mobile you can still access your account with a magic link sent to your email. This extra option can be seen on the 2FA popup when you sign in.

48. Can I reconnect/reconfigure two-factor authentication?

Yes, disable 2FA and then re-enable to reconnect.

49. Is it necessary to activate MFA for my subsites as well?

MFA can be enabled on a per-account basis, which implies that if you enable it for your main site, it will also apply to the subsite.

50. Is there any limits on adding Custom Fonts?
With the Pro package, at the moment you can include a maximum of 5 Custom Fonts, while the Premium package allows for up to 10 Custom Fonts.

51. Is it possible to incorporate custom fonts on my website if I'm using a non-English language?

Certainly! You have the option to include custom fonts that are specifically tailored to the script of the particular non-English language you are using.

52. Why am I getting a 'client authentication failed' error while trying to set up a PayPal payment plan for my course?

This usually occurs when the PayPal secret key is incorrect.

You can refer to the PayPal troubleshooting guide:

Additionally, please confirm you have completed the Steps 4.1 and 4.2 mentioned in the support document provided below:

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