Troubleshooting PayPal Integration FAQ's
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There may be several reasons that your PayPal payment cannot be completed when attempting to purchase your Zenler course. This article goes over how to troubleshoot the PayPal integration problems.

1. API Credentials

The first and most important step in PayPal integration is making sure you are using the Live API Credentials and not the Sandbox API Credentials. The Live API Credentials should be used for your PayPal integration. It will not be possible to integrate successfully when using the Sandbox API Credentials.

2. PayPal button Missing from your course checkout page.

There are a couple of reasons that leads to this issue.

Cause of this issue:

  • The white space included while you copy-paste the PayPal Client ID to Zenler dashboard. Or you are using an invalid PayPal Client ID.

  • PayPal button will be ONLY available in the checkout page for one time payments not for subscription plans.

3. PayPal button throws a warning message

When the user click on the PayPal button in the course checkout page. A popup page will appear that will keep on processing for a fraction of seconds. 

And close automatically by throwing a warning message as follows;

Cause of this issue:

  • White space included while you copy-paste the PayPal Secret Key to Zenler dashboard. Or you are using an invalid PayPal Secret Key.

  • When currency conversion not set in your PayPal dashboard.You may have checked the option Ask to Accept/Deny Payments.

4. Error in PayPal Popup.

The PayPal popup window shows a warning message as follows.

Cause of this issue:

  • The currency conversion is not set in your PayPal dashboard. You may have checked the No, deny the Payments option.

5. PayPal Pending Issue for  Brand new PayPal accounts:

Sometimes for new accounts PayPal puts payments as pending so you would need to wait for 21 days in this case for payments to work for PayPal.

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