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How to integrate with Paypal and process payments with Paypal

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In addition to Stripe, New Zenler also supports all the comprehensive payment options below for Paypal now

  • One Time Payments

  • Subscription/Recurring Plans

  • Payment Plans

  • Paid Trials

  • Initial Setup fee

  • Coupons

Follow these easy steps to integrate:

  1. Before going ahead make sure you switch your Paypal account to Paypal Business Account.

  2. Login to PayPal developer site

  3. Click My Apps & Credentials Menu and Click on Create App

3. Enter an App Name and Click Create App

4. Switch to LIVE

Click on Live Button (VERY important)

Have you clicked on Live?
If yes, proceed below:

4.1. For supporting the recurring transactions (Subscription plan and Payment Plan) you would need to create a webhook in the Paypal developer site.

4.2. Then make sure to Select the following events:

Event Types:

  • Payment sale completed

  • Billing subscription payment failed

  • Billing subscription expired

  • Billing subscription canceled

  • Billing subscription created

  • Payment sale refunded

  • Payment refund completed

Important: If you already have existing ‘Recurring/Subscription/Payment plan’ pricing plans added to your courses, you would need to ‘EDIT each pricing plan and update it again’ so that these pricing plans can be then sent to PayPal to be created. Note: You do not have to worry about this for one-time pricing plan or when creating new pricing plans.

5. Copy and keep your details above Paypal account(your PayPal account's email id), Client ID and Secret(click show to see this)

6. Go to Your New Zenler Admin Integrations

Add the Paypal Email, Paypal Client Id and Paypal Secret Key you got in step 5

7. That's it, you are connected to Paypal.

8. Now, on your checkout page you will see the Paypal Checkout button if you have done earlier steps correctly.

Do you have any trouble in integrating PayPal with NEW Zenler? Please refer to the following link:

NOT Supported for PayPal: 'Recurring' Orderbumps, Orderbump for recurring plans, Daily/1 week plans, first x times for coupons on recurring (coupons have to apply on all recurring billings for PayPal to work), Coupons not supported in 'setup fee + recurring' case.

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