Setting Up a Payment Plan
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Setting up a 'Payment Plan' for your Course or Bundle.

Go to 'Courses' and select the course you want to set up a payment plan for.

Go to the 'Pricing' tab and click on 'Add New Plan'.

Select 'Payment Plan' and then click 'Next'

'Installment Amount': Choose currency i.e. GBP & 'enter the installment amount' i.e. £100. Please note that if you create multiple plans for a course, they must all use the same currency. Can't use different currencies for a course.

'Set Additional Fee': This is the additional fee (setup fee) that will be charged immediately on purchase. If trial days are set, an additional fee can be used for a paid trial as well.

Turn 'On' this option. 'Enter additional one-time fee' i.e. £50. This fee will be charged immediately upon purchasing this plan.

'Additional Fee Text'. i.e. "This is Extra"

'Installments' i.e. 2

'Billing' i.e. Monthly

'Name' the payment plan i.e. "Payment Plan".

Now scroll down & click 'Finish'.

Preview this payment plan that we have just created and see how it shows on your website for a potential buyer. Click the 'Buy Now' button.

You will be taken to the purchase page, and this is how it will appear to your buyers.

When you go back to the 'Pricing' tab newly added pricing plan is listed here. To edit this price plan, click the 'Edit' icon.

Let's make changes to our Payment Plan. For example, Turn off 'Additional Fee', and change the 'Installments' to 4 monthly payments. Here they will be charged £100/month over 4 months, £400 in total. and then click the 'Update' button.

Preview the changes.

Preview of the purchase page.

You can also include a 'Description,' such as "This is a 4-month plan totaling £400." After that, click 'Update' to save the changes.

Preview the changes.

Modify the 'Buy Button Text' to say "Get the Course Now" and then click 'Update' to save the changes.

Preview changes.

To 'Add Bullet Points', turn the option 'On'. Next, add 'Bullet Points Title' & 'Bullet Points' Click 'Update'.

Preview changes.

To 'Set Enrollment Limit', turn this option 'On' and specify 'No. of Enrollments'. This is the maximum number of individuals who can enroll in the pricing plan. To illustrate, if you were to set this limit at 500 and click 'Update', the pricing plan would automatically deactivate itself once 500 students have enrolled in the pricing plan.

We also have the option to 'Set Availability.' You can choose when this pricing plan will be available. Just pick a start date and an end date. For example, if today is the 21st and you set the 'Enrollment Start Date' for the 24th, it means this pricing plan will only start on the 24th at midnight in your local time zone. Be sure to choose the right time zone when you do this.

However, If you want this pricing plan to start right away, just pick today's date (the 21st) and then go back two days. This way, the pricing plan will be active starting from today.

You can also set an 'Enrollment Close Date.' If you want to close enrollment for this course on the 30th, which is eight days from today, simply select the 30th as the close date, and then click 'Update.'

To make sure potential course buyers know the enrollment deadline, it's a good idea to mention the 'Enrollment Closing Date' in the course description. Go to the 'Description' section and add a note like "Enrollment Closes" along with the specific date. This helps provide clear information about the enrollment deadline.

Now we also have the option of 'Course Validity.' This means you decide how long the course will be accessible, starting from the 'Enrollment Start Date' and lasting for a specified number of days. So, instead of having an 'Enrollment Close Date,' you can choose a date for the course to be valid from, and it will be accessible for a set number of days, like 30 days from that date. During this period, learners can access the course content. The choice is yours. Alternatively, you can turn off the 'Set Availability' option if you prefer not to set a specific time frame.

You can also use 'Set Tiers' to give people access to specific parts or lessons within a course. If you choose to use this feature, you might set up several pricing plans within this system. However, if a user already has access to everything in the course, you can turn off this feature since they already have full access.

For more detailed information about 'Tiers,' you can refer to the Support documents for a comprehensive guide.

Zenler allows you to categorize the 'Tax Category' based on whether your offering is digital, physical, or a service. You can also mark it as tax-exempt if it qualifies.

Finally, you can integrate this course into a 'Community.' If you already have a community set up, please check the Support Documents for further instructions on how to do this.

You can choose to make a pricing plan the "Most Popular Plan" if you have multiple plans displayed on a page. This means that one plan will stand out more than the others, getting a bit more attention. It's a chance to try things out and see how users respond.

Once you've finished these steps, just click 'Update,' and your pricing plan will be fully configured and set up.

Also, watch the video on 'Setting Up a Payment Plan'.

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