What Are Pricing Tiers?

Learn how to set up pricing tiers for your online course in Zenler to differentiate your course levels and gain more revenue.

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To set up pricing tiers for your course, go to: 'Courses' and select the 'Course'

Inside the selected course, go to 'Pricing'

From here you can set up pricing tiers/plans, just click 'Add New Plan'

Pricing tiers are available for all payment types.

Let's choose the 'One Time Purchase' - a single payment type for a demonstration. Click 'Next'.

Next, set the Price, Name the plan, Description, and Buy button text.

Scroll down, go to 'Set Tiers' and turn it 'On'.

Next, go to 'Section/Lessons' to specify what parts of the course, you would like to include in this tier, i.e. 'Welcome to the Course' & click 'Finish'.

You can select specific sections or lessons to grant access to, or you can grant access to the entire course by selecting all sections/lessons or by leaving the 'Set Tiers' option 'Off'.

Now you can see the new pricing plan that you just created with 'Tiers: ON'

You can create additional pricing tiers, by cloning the original price plan. Click the 'Clone' icon.

This box will appear for you to 'Choose the Type of Plan' & 'Confirm'.

In this case, we want a 'One Time Purchase' Plan.

The settings are exactly the same as the original pricing plan, so make the changes as appropriate to the name, description, and set access to the tiers sections of the course, and click 'Update'.

Now you have two pricing plans with 'Tiers: ON' in the same course.

Once you have created the pricing tiers, you can make one of them the 'Most Popular' package. To make a plan as the 'Most popular' one, click the 'Edit' icon.

Scroll down the page, click 'Make this the most popular plan' and click 'Update'.

This will be highlighted for potential buyers on your site. When a student purchases a tier, they will only have access to the sections or lessons that you have granted access to for that tier.

Overall, pricing tiers can be an effective way to separate different areas or levels of your course and gain upgrades from your students along the way.

Note that this tier system works for all payment options within Zenler, including 'Free', 'One Time Purchase', 'Subscription' & 'Payment Plan'.

From a student's perspective, they will see only the sections and lessons they have access to. If they try to access a section or lesson they do not have access to, they will be prompted to upgrade to the next pricing tier.

Also, watch the video on 'What Are Pricing Tiers?'

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