(Example: http://yourdomain.com)

Step 1: Set Custom domain in NEW Zenler Site

Login to your NEW Zenler site.

  • Select the ‘Site’ menu and go to the ‘Site Settings’ sub menu (on the left bar). 

  • Click ‘Custom Domain’ tab and in the space provided enter your custom domain (yourdomain.com). 

  • Click the ‘Update’ button to update the custom domain.

Step 2: Update DNS Zone files

(a) Using Cloudflare 

This way you can point a root domain (yourdomain.com) to the school URL school.newzenler.com. 

In order to point root domain you need to create a CNAME record at the root level. Most of the domain providers do not allows you to create a CNAME record at root. No problem, Cloudflare is a solution which allows you to use their DNS completely free. Start your Cloudflare account for Free from here:


1. Login to your CloudFlare account, from the header click on the ‘Add site’ option. In the space provided enter your domain (yourdomain.com) and click on the ‘Begin Scan’ button.

2. After scan completed click on the ‘Continue Setup’ to proceed further.

3. Add a CNAME record for your domain, and point it to your Zenler School.
(Example: schoolname.newzenler.com)

For root domain set the CNAME as below image
Name: yourdomain.com
Value: schoolname.newzenler.com

After adding the record the dashboard will be shown as below:

If you want your domain into work with www, ie, www.yourdomain.com then you need to add a CNAME record by giving ‘www’ as name and point to your Zenler School. (Example: schoolname.newzenler.com)

After adding this record the dashboard will be shown as below:

Setup Cloudflare as your new DNS

For the above to work you have to allow Cloudflare to act as your DNS. Follow the steps in the link below to setup Cloudflare as your DNS. 

After the DNS records are added you might see an issue when you open the domain in the browser. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. To fix this issue, Update the Cloudflare SSL option in the SSL/TLS app Overview tab: If currently set to Flexible, update to Full. This will solve the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS issue

(b) Using DNSMadeEasy (instead of Cloudflare)

  • Create a ANAME Record 

  • Leave the Name field blank 

  • Enter schoolname.newzenler.com. as FQDN or IP value ( please note: you have to add a . (dot) character at the end of the FQDN or IP value )

After adding the ANAME record, you will end up with the following,

ONCE THE BELOW IS DONE CORRECTLY, PLEASE EMAIL support@zenler.comPlease wait for 24-48hours for support to set this/your SSL Certificate to be ready as this is very much a manual process whilst team is working on automating this.

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