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Setup Cloudflare as your new DNS

Steps to update your Nameserver in your domain registrar to allow Cloudflare to work as your new DNS.

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From GoDaddy to Cloudflare

In this example, the domain is on GoDaddy. Follow the steps below to change the nameserver.

1. Login to your domain registrar’s (Godaddy) website.

2. From the domain dashboard, go to the Nameservers section and click on the ‘Manage’ option.

3. Go to your CloudFlare account to get the CloudFlare nameserver. You will get the assigned nameserver by selecting ‘DNS’ option.

4. From ‘Nameserver Settings’ page of GoDaddy choose ‘Custom’ as the setup type.             And then enter the nameservers from CloudFlare.

      5. Click ‘OK’ to save settings. It will take some time to propagate.


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