With Drip you can setup a Drip schedule and unlock your course content when you need it to be available.

  1. Click Enable Drip Schedule to start setting up the drip schedule

2. You can release the sections depending on the drip type - Days After Enrollment or on Specific Dates if i am running a weekly class on set dates for example.

3. You can select when you want to release this section:

Release after a number of days or weeks if Days After Enrollment is the drip type.

Release on a Specific Date if you selected Specific Date.

Note: At the moment, you can only setup either one of the drip types - ie you cannot have mixed drip types - you cant have Days After Enrollment and Specific Date together in one course

4. You can also set Notification Mails when each of the contents unlock. This will setup a section in Automation for Drip and all drip emails will be grouped under that.

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