Automations can be accessed from the Automations tab for a Course.

With Automations, you can set up and schedule a sequence of actions - emails, tagging or webhooks, dripped over days/hours or on specific dates when a trigger happens eg., when someone enrolls to your course or completes a course.

Zenler Mail handles all your emails for you so you can pretty much cancel your email provider if you want to.

We have two triggers or events now.

OnEnrol :

Triggered when someone enrols to a course

OnCourseComplete :

Triggered when someone completes a course

OnLessonComplete :

Triggered when someone completes a lesson

Now lets go through the steps..

  1. You can set up an entire sequence of emails when someone enrolls into your Course on OnEnrol Trigger.

2. You can set up and entire sequence of emails when someone completes a course as well on OnCourseComplete trigger.

3. Creating content/copy for the email nurturing sequences can get tricky. To make this easy, we preload the high converting email sequences/blueprints for you. by default they are set to Draft

4. You can also see all the Email Stats on each of these emails - opens, delivered, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced etc right inside the platform with Zenler Mail(without the need go to another email platform to see this)

5. Now, lets try and Edit the Automation rules to edit/add some of our rules. Click on Edit Automation Rules

6. Two Rules are automatically created every-time you create a Course.

  • Enroll Email Sequence that gets triggered when someone enrolls to the course - OnEnroll Trigger

    An Email Sequence is pre loaded for you. These are set to Draft by default, but you can edit and enable them, we will get to that in a bit.

  • Course Completion Email Sequence when someone completes a course - OnCourseComplete Trigger

  • Drip Notification Emails - Email that goes out when each of your Sections gets unlocked/dripped

  • OnLessonComplete - Email that goes out when someone completes a lesson.

You add a new Rule using Add Rule if you want to. 

Add Rule will show the triggers we have now.

7.  Under each Rule/Trigger you can add a sequence of emails, Tag someone, send webhooks etc.

Click Add Action

Send Mail - Adds an Email to the sequence
Add Tag - Adds an action that tags someone to the sequence
Remove Tag - Removes a tag that has been applied to someone
Send a Webhook - Call a third party service to inform about this event

8. Pre-Loaded Email Sequence Scripts

Every-time you create a Course, an email sequence gets automatically created - Access Instructions(Welcome Email), Day 2 Nurturing email & Course Completion Mails etc with scripts/blueprints ready to use..

These are readymade content/blueprint that you modify as you need to.

Click on any of the emails you want to edit and it will load up the email editor on the right.

By default all these mails are set to Draft. Once you are done editing your email content click 'Make this action live' to set this email to live.

9. Drip delay - automatically schedule to send the email at a later time and date.

Hours or Days:
You can delay sending this email by Hours or Days from the date/time of enrollment.

Specific Date:
You can also send this email on a  Specific Date.


10. You can click on Personalize button to use the tags/merge tags that gets automatically updated when it's sent out.

first_name: First name of recipient gets populated when the mail gets send out
last_name: Last name of the recipient
full_name: Full name of the recipient
email: Email Id of the recipient
mailing_address: Admin Postal address( set it in Profile)
unbsubscribe_link: Recipients link to unsubscribe from further mails from you.

11. Edit the email as you need to.

NOTE: At the moment, we do not auto populate course links so for the pre-loaded scripts please add it yourselves.. So where it says "click here to access your course" put the link manually as it does not automatically gets added now..Auto population is on the plan.

12. Send a Test Mail:  Enter an email and send  yourself a test mail to see if it looks good.

13.  Once you are done editing your email content click 'Make this action live' to set this email to live.

14. You can also add new mail to the sequence by clicking on.
Add Action > Send Mail

15. Course Completion Emails are also pre-created for you on the OnCourseComplete Trigger.

16. Any Drip schedule set in Course will also pre-create one ready to use email/script for each section of the course that is being dripped in Drip Notification Emails sequence.


17. You can Tag a student based on what action takes on your site.

Add Tag
Say I want to apply a tag or a sticker on someone who bought on a blackfriday sale. OnEnrol am going to apply a tag - Add Tag on the student so that later on I can use this Tag to pull all the students who have used this Tag for example.

Remove Tag
Also you can remove the Tags when you need.


18. If you have a third party that you want to send event to when an event happens you can do that with Send a Webhook

Add the URL of the service that you need to call to notify in Hook Url

PS: for Zapier you dont need to use this - use New Zenler Zapier Integration.

Email Stats

19. On each of the emails you can drill down and see the detailed stats by clicking the 'eye' icon.

You will now see the detailed information of each recipient.

⚡Email Segmentation ⚡

20. On any email you can segment and target the right set of students you want to target.

You can learn more about Segmentation & Filters here : Segmentation


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