Integrating Personal Zoom

How to integrate personal Zoom

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Before integrating your personal Zoom account with Zenler Lives, you need to create an app on Zoom. Following the below steps you can create the app easily.

  1. Log in to your Personal Zoom Account

  2. Go to You can find a drop-down button Develop at the top right of the page. Click on the same and choose the Build Server-to-Server App option.

  3. Enter an App Name and click Create button

  4. In the next step, you can see the App Credentials

    Click the Continue button.

  5. It will take you to the Information section. You can give more details about your app there.

    Click Continue button

  6. In the Feature section, you can see the Secret Token and Verification Token.

  7. The Continue button on the above step will show you the Scopes section. Click Add Scopes

    Check ON all the options under the Meetings, Webinar, Recording, User, and Account sections then click Done.

    Enable all the options under Meeting, Webinar, Recording, User and Account.

    Note: Enabling all options under Webinar, Meeting, and Recording is required.

  8. Then navigate through the Activation section and click the button Activate your app.

    Now the app is activated.

  9. Open the App Credentials

  10. Now come to your Zenler site and go to Site > Integration > Zoom

  11. Click Add ZOOM button. A window as shown in the screenshot will open up.

    Title: Enter a Title
    Account ID: Copy the Account ID from the Zoom App (Step 10)
    Client ID: Copy the Client ID from the Zoom App (Step 10)
    Client Secret: Copy the Client Secret from the Zoom App (Step 10)
    Email ID: Enter your Zoom email ID
    Then click the Add button

    Now the Personal Zoom Integration is done.

    How to edit or delete the Personal Zoom details from your Zenler site?

    To edit the details go to Site > Integration > Zoom and then click Configurations.

    To edit the title of the Zoom Account, click the pencil button. In order to change the other details, you would need to delete the current configuration and add a new one.

    To delete the integration, click the delete icon.

    How to choose Personal Zoom?

    While creating a Live you can choose the Zoom Provider as Zenler Zoom or Personal Zoom. Choosing the Personal Zoom will allow you to use your own Zoom .

    Please note the following:

    1. In the case of personal Zoom integration, scheduling a session won't immediately create it in the user's personal Zoom. It will be created only when the user initiates the session in Zenler.

    2. Once the Live schedule is started with the Personal Zoom/Zenler Zoom set, it cannot be changed.

    3. The Live session scheduled with personal Zoom will not be available if the integration is removed. It will be reactivated once it is reintegrated.

    Also, watch the video:

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