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To access the 'Check Out Page', go to 'Courses' and click 'Course' that you've already created.

Next, click 'Pages'.

The 'Checkout Page' is the first page you encounter after customers click "Buy Now" on the 'Sales Page'.

You can view the number of 'Unique Visitors' on this page. These are new visitors to your site.

Additionally, you can see the 'Total Views', which includes both returning visitors and unique visitors.

On the right-hand side, the 'Conversion Rate' represents the percentage of people who complete the sales process within the course.

You have the option to 'Copy URL' and share it with prospective buyers

You can also 'Preview Page' to see how your 'Check Out Page' appears.

Lastly, you can 'Edit Page' by clicking on the edit icon located on the right-hand side.

To learn more about designing course pages in Zenler, and managing your membership or courses, please refer to the 'Support Documents' on this topic.

Also watch the video on 'Check Out Page Overview'

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