Designing Your Check Out Page
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To access the 'Check Out Page', go to 'Courses' and click 'Course' that you've already created.

Next, click 'Pages'.

Find the 'Check Out Page' & click the 'Edit Page' icon.

This will open up 'Editor' as a new tab, meaning you can still get back to the 'Pages'.

Here's our default checkout page setup. However, it is still possible to make modifications to it.

Notice that there is pre-existing content that you can easily modify. For example, you can replace your profile picture and edit the text by simply clicking on them. Additionally, you have the option to 'Delete' or 'Clone' entire blocks and access the 'Settings' of all elements within this interface.

Now, pages are designed with "Blue Bocks" that usually contain "Green Blocks" and "Gold Dynamic Elements" inside. Let's see how the 'Page Builder' works here.

Go to 'Blocks' > 'Empty Block' > 'Add New Empty Block' by dragging & dropping it into the desired location.

Next, click 'Add Row' inside the "Blue Block", that we just created.

You will be presented with a choice of rows. We go for 50% : 50% rows.

Now, click on the 'Green Row', and by adjusting the arrows in the middle, you can change the spacing options of the columns.

Right-hand click will open up the menu with more options, to 'Add New Column', 'Delete Column' & much more.

Next, inside of the "Green Row", click 'Add Element'.

Elements can be rows, buttons, images, etc. We go for 'Text'.

This is how the 'Text' Element will be shown.

Most of these blocks feature icons in the left-hand corner, including 'Settings', 'Clone Block', 'Save Block as Template' & 'Delete Block'.

You can also use the drag and drop function to 'Move' blocks, rows, and elements to different areas.

To create your own heading, go to 'Settings' on the left-hand side & 'Settings Menu' will open up on the right-hand side. You can change the background color, background image, spacing, alignment etc.

The 'Dynamic Blocks' have limited options, mainly the 'Settings' feature, as they are crucial components. It is recommended to avoid making extensive modifications to the checkout page unless you have a good understanding of the process.

As you can see, customizing your checkout page in Zenler can be a straightforward process.

NOTE: Please refer to 'Support Documents' for more information on 'Page Builder'.

Also watch the video on 'Designing Your Check Out Page'

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