Designing Your Course Access Page
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To access the 'Course Access Page', go to 'Courses' and click 'Course' that you've already created.

Next, click 'Pages'.

Scroll down through the pages until you reach the course 'Access Page'.

This is a private area that is only accessible to students who have purchased your course. Next, click 'Edit Page'.

It opens in a new tab, which is very convenient as it allows you to easily switch back to 'Access Page' whenever needed.

Here it is in its basic form, but you might like to customize it to fit your specific needs.

The top block, 'Course Progress', is a dynamic element that retrieves information from the course when it was created.

Additionally, the 'Course Curriculum' is also dynamic, displaying the content from the course curriculum itself. This enables students to access and start any of the courses or lessons within the course access page.

Scroll down to the bottom, there is a 'Reviews' block that allows your students to add reviews to your course.

You can easily access the 'Settings' allowing you to delete and clone sections, change colors, backgrounds, and much more within this page, as well as on any other pages in the Zenler system. You can easily access the settings to design the blocks.

NOTES: To learn more about the 'Page Builder' and its usage, please refer to the 'Support Documents'.

We also provide tutorials that guide you through the process of creating your entire course from start to finish.

Also, watch the video on 'Designing Your Course Access Page'

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