Course Pages - An Overview
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To access the 'Course Pages', go to 'Courses' > click 'Course' that you've already created.

Next, click 'Pages'.

Inside the 'Pages' tab, you'll find a series of pages. The first page is a 'Sales Page', followed by the 'Checkout Page'. After purchase, you'll encounter the 'Thank You Page'.

Finally, we have the course 'Access Page'. The course access page is private and can only be accessed if you have bought the course. It serves as a private area. In fact, the 'Thank You Page' is also private because you can only access it after checkout.

If you examine this page formula, you'll notice that it follows a funnel-like structure, as it functions as a 'Sales Funnel' for your course.

Within the 'Sales Page', you can configure the course page appearance according to your preferences. The course access page displays the 'Curriculum', which is set up within it. The 'Curriculum', also known as the 'Course Player' or 'Curriculum Page', is shown within the 'Course Access Page', which you can access upon purchase.

You can view the number of 'Unique Visitors' on this page. These are new visitors to your site.

Additionally, you can see the 'Total Views', which includes both returning visitors and unique visitors.

On the right-hand side, the 'Conversion Rate' is displayed. This rate represents the number of people who have gone through the checkout process and generally indicates that they have purchased the course.

You have the option to 'Copy URL' of each page, 'Preview Page' or 'Edit Page'.

NOTE: For detailed information on the 'Sales Page', 'Checkout Page', 'Thank You Page', and the course 'Access Page', along with instructions on how to configure and customize them to match any design concept, please refer to the 'Support Documents'.

Also, watch the video on 'Course Pages - An Overview'

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