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Creating Your First Funnel
Creating Your First Funnel

Learn how to create your first funnel in Zenler, including lead magnets and video series. Build trust and pitch your courses effectively.

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To create your first funnel, go to 'Marketing Funnels' and click 'Create Funnel'.

If you have already created a funnel, you will have the option to 'Create New Funnel' again. Any funnels you create will be shown here.

There are two 'Funnel Types' that you can create, 'Lead Magnet' and 'Video Series'.

'Lead Magnet'. These funnels are usually pages that people can go through to receive things like free eBooks or offers. You can even use it to send automated emails out to your customers as well.

'Video Series'. These funnels allow prospects to go through a series of free videos, i.e., video 1 on day 1, video 2 on day 2, and so on. Build trust and anticipation with your prospects over a few days and pitch your paid courses on the last day of the video.

The same would apply to lead magnets. The last day is the irresistible offer for them, sharing their email and getting them into your courses or your membership site.

NOTE: Please refer to the 'Support Documents' on the 'Lead Magnet' and 'Video Series' funnels. We also have another funnel type that's not mentioned here, called 'Trigger Funnels', which sends emails to people and requires no design.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Funnel'

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