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Creating Your First Video Series Funnel
Creating Your First Video Series Funnel

Learn how to create a video series funnel in Zenler, guiding prospects through free videos to build trust and pitch a paid course.

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What is a Video Series funnel? 

It is a method of guiding prospects through a sequence of free videos, building trust and anticipation over several days. The final video in the series is used to pitch a paid course, offering a potential discount. You can also include additional resources like a free PDF. To use a video series funnel, ensure you have a video series ready. The funnel sets up a progression from one video to the next, sending emails or directing to pages accordingly. The process culminates in a final page where you can promote a course, or membership, or provide a freebie. This is how a video series funnel functions in Zenler.

How to Create a Video Series Funnel?

To start, go to 'Marketing Funnels' > 'Create New Funnel'.

Next, select 'Video Series' and click 'Next'

You are taken to the 'Settings'. Enter 'Name', 'Add Video Step' and 'Product'.

To upload a video, click 'Add Video Step'.

This window will open asking you to upload a video from your computer or video library. Click 'Select'.

Now, our first video is displayed as 'Step 1'. To add another video as 'Step 2' just click 'Add Video Step' & repeat the same process. Remember that a maximum of 10 videos is allowed in the video series funnel.

In this case, we have '3 Steps Video Series'.

You can also add 'Product' (Course to be launched at the end of the sequence).

When everything is set up, click 'Next'.

The next step is to 'Select Theme' for your 'Video Series' funnel & then click 'Finish' in the bottom right-hand corner.

Simply click on any of the available themes to preview them.

Now you are in your "First Video Series Funnel" that you have created. Zenler will automatically generate the funnel steps based on the videos you provided, namely Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3. Additionally, it will include a default Opt-In Page' to capture the email addresses and names of potential leads.

To preview any of these pages, click the 'Preview Page' icon.

This is a preview of 'Video 1'. As you can see it is unlocked but 'Video 2 & 3' are locked and not available to view.

With each page, you can 'Copy URL' to send out. You can also 'Edit Step' & 'Clone Step'.

You can add more steps simply by 'Cloning' existing steps or clicking 'Add New Step'.

You can also 'Delete' any of the steps.

NOTE: Please refer to Support Documents' for more information on all the tabs: Overview, Funnel Details, Funnel Steps, Leads & Automation.

Also, check out the 'Lead Magnet' funnel tutorial.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Video Series Funnel'

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