An Overview of Marketing Funnels

Master marketing funnels with Zenler: generate leads, engage your audience, and optimize conversions.

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First, go to 'Marketing Funnels' and click ' Create Funnel' if there are no funnels created yet.

Once you've created your first funnel, the 'Funnels' page will be shown as below.

What are Marketing Funnels?

They are essential for lead generation and enticing people to sign up, receive freebies, and engage with your site.

These funnels warm up your audience before making a purchase, offering versatile options like 'Lead Magnets' or 'Video Series' funnels within Zenler.

Customize them easily, add extra pages, and direct visitors to various areas of your site. Capturing leads is key, and funnels allow you to track and analyze the generated leads.

Check out the 'Support Documents' for comprehensive information on utilizing 'Funnels'.

Also, watch the video on 'An Overview of Marketing Funnels'

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