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Creating Your First Lead Funnel
Creating Your First Lead Funnel

Master lead magnets & marketing funnels with Zenler! Capture leads, offer incentives, and optimize pages for success.

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"What is a Lead Magnet?"

It is a 'Funnel Type' that builds your email list by offering an irresistible and valuable incentive in exchange for visitors' contact info. Give away a freebie, a free page or a PDF cheat sheet or a free report, or a free e-book - an irresistible bribe in return for sharing their email.

The goal is to capture people's emails and names so that you can follow up with irresistible offers or provide more information about your course or membership.

This approach forms a funnel where people enter at the top and progress through different stages until they reach the offer page. However, you can use the lead magnet in various ways.

In Zenler, lead magnet pages can be set up using a simple opt-in form and a thank-you form. You can also add extra steps to the funnel if desired.

To start, go to 'Marketing Funnels' > 'Create New Funnel'.

Next, select 'Lead Magnet' and click 'Next'

Fill in the form, 'Name', 'Freebie Download', and 'Product'.

'Freebie Download' is a free file that participants can receive at the end of the funnel. This download can be emailed to them or placed on the Thank You Page.

Additionally, you can choose to launch a 'Product' at the end of the sequence by selecting your course or membership site.

For this example, we will add an existing PDF from the library as the 'Freebie Download' and name the funnel "Get Your Exclusive Freebie". We will exclude a product launch since the purpose is to capture leads for future email campaigns or automation within the lead magnet funnel. Then, click 'Next'.

The next step is to 'Select Theme' for your funnel pages & then click 'Finish' in the bottom right-hand corner.

Some of the themes are simple, while others include forms or activate a pop-up form when a button is clicked. You can preview different layouts and choose the one that suits your needs. Remember that you can extensively customize these pages. Simply click on any of the available themes to preview them.

Next, you will be taken to your "First Lead Magnet Funnel" that you just created.

By default, an 'Opt-In Page' is set up, but it's important to configure and customize these pages. Click on the 'Edit Step' icon to make changes using the 'Page Builder'. For detailed guidance on using the 'Page Builder', refer to the 'Support Documentation'.

With each page, you have the options to 'Copy URL', 'Preview Page', 'Edit', and 'Clone'.

By clicking 'Preview Page' we access 'Opt-In Page', how it appears for a potential lead to fill in their details.

The sequence typically consists of an 'Opt-In Page' followed by a 'Thank You Page' which you can preview the same way as Opt-In Page.

However, you can add more steps to the sequence by clicking 'Clone Step' or remove them by clicking the 'Delete Step' icon. You also have the option to 'Add New Step'.

IMPORTANT: Remember to extensively edit all your pages to optimize their effectiveness. Using funnels is an industry-standard and an effective way to generate new leads for your site.

NOTE: Refer to the Support Documents for more information on the 'Video Series' Funnel.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Lead Funnel Lead Magnet'

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