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The Automations Tab

Discover Zenler's marketing funnels & automations! Learn about automatic email sequences triggered by enrollments or opt-ins.

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To access 'Automation', go to 'Marketing Funnels' and click 'Funnel' that you want to work with.

Next, go to 'Automation'.

You will be taken to the 'Automation' page. Under the 'Email Drip Sequence' section, you will find emails that are automatically sent when someone enrolls or opts into any of your marketing funnels.

Please be aware that automation is triggered by specific actions. In this case, it's triggered by subscription, so this email will be sent immediately, zero days from the subscription.

However, you can change this by clicking the 'Edit Action' icon.

This page will open up, allowing you to set different times and dates for automation, as well as customize the content. Furthermore, you can personalize messages using information gathered during the opt-in process specific to that funnel.

IMPORTANT: For a detailed explanation of how automation work within Zenler, please consult the 'Support Documents.' Automations are widely utilized in various areas within the Zenler platform, including 'Lives,' 'Courses,' and 'Bundles.'

Also, watch the video on 'The Automations Tab'

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