The Funnel Leads Tab

Learn lead management in marketing funnels in Zenler. Filter, analyze, and optimize your leads easily.

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First, go to 'Marketing Funnel' and click 'Funnel' that you want to find the 'Leads' that have subscribed to this specific funnel. In this case, we will choose the funnel named "Easy Marketing Funnels".

You will be taken to the 'Overview' section, which displays that there are 10 'Leads' subscribed to this funnel.

Next, navigate to the 'Leads' tab to view the complete list of subscribers.

Now, you will be taken to the 'People' > 'All' section.

An automatic filter has been applied to list only the people who have 'Subscribed to Funnel' named "Easy Marketing Funnels". It is 'Showing 10 Results', all of which are 'Leads' for your funnel.

NOTE: You can also access Leads for a particular funnel via 'Site' > 'People' > 'Lead' > 'Apply Filter.'

Also, watch the video on 'The Funnel Leads Tab'

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