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An Overview of Email Broadcasts
An Overview of Email Broadcasts
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Email broadcasts enable you to send newsletters, sign-up information, and reach out to any members on your site, including students, leads, or any other roles within your Zenler site.

Go to 'Email Broadcast's > 'All Broadcasts'. From here, you can 'Create New Broadcast'.

At the moment, there is only one email broadcast listed as a draft. Each email broadcast has four icons available that enable you to 'View', 'Delete', 'Clone', or 'Edit' it.

At the top, you will find an 'Overview' of emails 'Delivered', 'Opened', 'Clicked', 'Unsubscribes', 'Bounces' & 'Opened Rates'.

To modify your email broadcast click the 'Edit' icon.

You have the option to set up 'Recipients' who will receive the email, and you can utilize 'Advanced Filter' to select specific users for your email broadcast.

Additionally, there are various sending options available here. We're currently using Zenler mail, but if you have 'SMTP' set up, you can use your own mail system. You can enter your own 'From Email', 'From Name', and 'Title' here. Click 'Next'.

In this section, you can see the 'Content' of the email. This is highly configurable. Check out our 'Support Documents' for more information on the 'Email Broadcast Designer'.

You can send the test email to yourself. Click 'Next'.

This is the 'Finish' step. You have three options:

  • You can 'Schedule' this email to be sent at a particular time.

  • Leave it as a 'Draft,' which is useful for creating it as a template

  • You can click 'Send Now' to immediately send it to any of the contacts on your list.

The current email broadcast is in draft status. You can choose to 'Clone' it and create a template to serve as a basis for your next email broadcast.

Within 'Email Broadcasts', you can also set up 'Email Lists' to go to certain members, and you can add users to lists by going to 'All Contacts'.

As you send out more emails, you'll notice additional information on the right-hand side corresponding to each particular email broadcast. Under each of these, it provides the rates of emails 'Delivered', 'Opened', 'Clicked', 'Unsubscribed', and 'Bounced'. This information gives you insights into the performance of each email campaign.

At the top, you have an 'Overview' of all the emails you have sent out. This overview gives you a big picture of what is going on with your email broadcasts.

To find an email broadcast, enter its name in this section and click the magnifying glass. For example, if you type in "Zen Zone," it will list all email broadcasts that include the term "Zen Zone" in their names.

Email broadcasts in Zenler possess remarkable power and have the potential to generate significant engagement and new sales.

Also watch the video on 'An Overview of Email Broadcasts'

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