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Managing and Adding Users to a List
Managing and Adding Users to a List
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To start with, go to 'Email Broadcasts' > 'All Contacts'.

From the list, select the contacts and click 'Add to Email List'.

Simply tick the box for "Sign up for newsletter" as this is the only list that we have created so far. Click 'Add'.

Furthermore, there is the option of using the 'Advanced Filter.' You can simply type a name or email to filter users and add them using the same method. In this case, we will utilize advanced filtering to target specific members within our site.

Click 'Advanced Filter' > 'Add Filter'.

Select a 'Filter' from the drop-down list options. Let us choose 'Enrolled in Course'.

We now have additional options to further filter our contact list. We can either opt for a specific course or include all courses by selecting them from the drop-down menu. For this demonstration, we'll go with "How to Easily Create a Course Inside Zenler."

Once you've set up your filtering, click 'Apply'.

Now, that the filter has been applied, the number of contacts has been reduced to 7. To add these 7 contacts to our email list, simply tick to box next to the 'Name' to select 'All Contacts' and click 'Add to Email List'.

If you have multiple email lists, you can select and add users to them. In our case, we have just one list "Sign Up for Newsletter" and 7 contacts to add to it.

Click 'Add'.

Now, go to 'Email Lists' and notice that there are "7" contacts added to the "Sign Up for Newsletter" list.

Click on the 'Edit' icon to view the list of contacts.

Now there is a list of all the contacts that you can edit as you wish. You can 'Delete' contacts from this list. It's important to note that deleting users from the list doesn't remove them from the system entirely; they are simply removed from this email list.

Additionally, you can choose to 'Export Contacts' or 'Copy to Another List' if you have multiple lists set up.

Let's just delete one of our contacts. First, select the contacts you wish to delete and click 'Delete'.

Click 'Yes'.

The contact has been removed from the list, leaving us with "6" Members in our email list.

Also watch the video on 'Managing and Adding Users to a List'

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