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Creating Your First Email Broadcast
Creating Your First Email Broadcast
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First, go to 'Email Broadcasts' > 'Create Broadcast'.

Enter 'Title' and click 'Create'.


This is the first step to complete in creating your first email broadcast.

The 'Title' has already been created, just complete 'From Name' and 'From Email' (change it to your business email).

Next, choose your 'Recipients'. It allows you to add 'All Contacts'.

You can also use 'Advanced Filter' to target specific people based on various criteria.

Go to 'Advanced Filter' > 'Add Filter Group' > 'Add Filter'.

Filter Recipients based on 'Role is', you have an extensive list of options. For example, enrolled by course, enrolled via a pricing plan, not enrolled in a course, etc.

These filters offer powerful segmentation options. Depending on the filters you choose, you can tailor your email broadcast accordingly. For example, if you click on "Enrolled in a course", you can then select a specific course, i.e. "Marketing Made Easy" and click 'Save Changes'.

The email would only be sent to those who are enrolled in this course.

Now we have 'Recipients' for this email set up. But if we wish to send this email to 'All Contacts', you can easily delete the filter, just click the 'Delete' icon.

Select 'All Contacts' and you'll see the total number of 'Contacts in selected lists' (e.g., 17). Using filters will reduce this number based on the criteria you apply.

The last option here is to choose whether you want to send the email through 'SMTP' or Zenler Mail. If you have set up your own SMTP server, you'll have that option available. Otherwise, you can use Zenler's internal mail system, 'Zenler Mail'.

Click 'Next' to take you to the next step.

Select Theme.

Zenler offers a range of themes, and you can also 'Start from Scratch' theme. Themes can be customized by changing colors, logos, etc. to match your brand or identity.

Hovering over a theme with the mouse will show a 'Preview', just click on it.

Additionally, there's an option to 'Switch to Classic Editor' if that's what you're used to. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find it there.

After selecting the theme that you like, click on 'Next' to proceed.


Zenler will now create the selected theme, which is fully customizable using its WYSIWYG editor or block-based editor. For guidance on customizing the theme, refer to the 'Support Documents,' specifically the 'Email Theme' and 'Email Designer' sections.

Scroll down to 'Send Test Email' to yourself to see if everything is working fine. Enter your email address in the designated field and click 'Test Send'.

Any errors on the page will be indicated by error messages at the bottom.

You can 'Preview' the email on the page to see how it looks, but note that some elements may not display in preview mode.

After designing your email, adding personalization, and your logo, click 'Next'.


Now, you'll have the option: 'When to schedule this broadcast.' You can choose to 'Send Now,' 'Schedule' it for a specific time and time zone, or save it as a 'Draft.'

Saving it as a draft template allows you to duplicate it, which will save you time in the future."

NOTE: For further information on sending more email broadcasts and utilizing all aspects of email broadcasts in Zenler, please refer to the 'Support Documents'.

Also watch the video on 'Creating Your First Email Broadcast'

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