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Adding an Email List
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First, go to 'Email Broadcasts' > 'Email Lists' > 'Create List'.

Enter 'List Name, eg. "Sign Up for Newsletter". Then click 'Create'.

Now the "Sign Up for Newsletter" list shows under 'Email Lists'. You can edit the list name in 'Settings', 'Delete' a list, and 'Edit' to add or remove users.

Please note that if you delete a list, it does not delete the members from your site.

'Importing Contacts' to your list in Zenler is easy. Click 'Import Contacts'.

Within the system, we can select the option to upload a file in CSV format. Once we choose the file, the contacts will be seamlessly added to our email list.

Another way to get them into our email list is by going to 'All Contacts' and simply selecting the contact and clicking 'Add to Email List'.

Remember, you can use 'Advanced Filter' as well to select contacts.

It will ask you which list you wish to add them to. Simply select that and press 'Add'.

Now you can see that we imported 5 contacts to our list.

Another way to import contacts is through forms. When users submit the form, they will be automatically added to the designated list.

Here is a simple form on our website. By clicking the submit button and then accessing the settings, you'll notice on the right-hand side that you have the ability to add anyone who subscribes to this form to an email list.

Go to 'Add to Email Lists' and click 'Select Lists'.

You will now see a display of all your lists. In this instance, we have only created one list earlier. Please remember that you need to have a pre-existing list to check this box.

Once you select the email list by ticking the box, anyone who signs up using this form will be automatically added to that list.

Additionally, you have the option to include 'Tags' for further organization and categorization.

These are the ways that we can add users to our email lists in Zenler.

Also watch the video on 'Adding an Email List'

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