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Video Library in Courses Overview
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First, go to 'Courses' > 'Video Library'.

Inside, you will find a list of the videos contained within courses. Please note that these videos are specifically within courses and not in the site's media library. These videos are exclusively from within the courses.

To edit the video, click the 'Edit' icon.

Editing includes replacing the video thumbnail, adding tags, or even including captions.

You can preview the video by clicking the 'Preview' icon.

'Preview' of the video.

To share your video click the 'Share' icon.

You can specify, 'Link sharing on logged-in users with this link can download' or if anyone can download the video, which provides a 'Download Link'. You can also use a 'Video Embed Code', which can be used in an HTML block in the page builder, or a direct 'Video Player Link'.

Furthermore, to 'Download' or 'Delete' the video, just click on the respective icons.

Each video in the library displays a 'Views' count, indicating how many times the video has been viewed in its entirety. It also shows the video's 'Size', 'Duration', 'Encoding Status' (usually marked as completed unless it's a newly uploaded video), any 'Tags' you've added, and the 'Upload Date'.

The 'Video Library' is dedicated to videos that are part of courses on your Zenler site.

Also, watch this video on 'Video Library in Courses Overview'

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