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Managing Reviews and a Student Experience with Reviews
Managing Reviews and a Student Experience with Reviews
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If you integrate the review block within your courses on Zenler, you can gather reviews from your students. They will have access to the review block, allowing them to share their feedback. Once a student leaves a review, you may wonder how you can view and manage it. How does the process of review administration work?

Let us see how you can effortlessly manage reviews on the Zenler platform. Log in as a student, as you can see, the review block is located at the bottom of the course titled "Marketing Made Easy."

The student will click 'Add Your Review Now'.

The student of this course can choose a rating by selecting the stars and writing a review and clicking 'Save Changes' when completed.

At this stage, 'Your review is awaiting approval'. The student will be able to see their review, but it won't be visible to the public until you, the course instructor/admin give approval.

As the course instructor/administrator, you have the ability to review and manage the student's feedback. To access the reviews, go to the 'Courses' > 'Reviews'.

In the 'Reviews' section, you can see the student's review under 'Recent Reviews'. You have the ability to approve, delete, or edit the review. Clicking on 'Edit' allows you to make changes. If there are more reviews, you can view them by clicking 'View More'.

All 'Reviews - Overview' are displayed in the area below.

Just click 'Approve'. The review has been approved now.

Once the review is approved, this is how it appears to a student, who can still edit their review or add more stars if needed. New reviews will appear below the existing ones.

To add the review block to your course, go to 'Courses' and select 'Course' you want to add the review to.

Go to 'Pages'.

Scroll down to 'Course Access Page' and click 'Edit Page'.

Go to 'Blocks' > 'Courses'.

Scroll down to the 'Course Reviews' block, then drag & drop it to the bottom of the page.

Once it appears on the page, click 'Save'.

To remove the reviews, just click the 'Delete' icon in the left-hand top corner.

When reviews are available, it is strongly advised to incorporate the reviews box on the 'Course Sales Page' as it significantly boosts the appeal and sales potential of your courses. Nevertheless, it's essential to implement this feature only after receiving reviews, not before.

Follow the same steps as above to add the review box to the 'Course Sales Page' above.

Keep in mind that students can only add reviews on the 'Course Access Page', as that's the page they are logged into and where they have purchased the course.

Also watch the video on 'Managing Reviews and a Student Experience with Reviews'

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