Administrating Assignments
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First, go to 'Courses' > 'Assignments'.


This section provides an overview, of the number of 'Assignments' you have created, the 'Assignees' who are taking them, 'Submissions', 'Pending Reviews', and 'Approved & Rejected' assignments.

Recent Submissions:

Only submitted assignments will be shown here. You can filter recent submissions by Pending Reviews, Approved, Rejected, Resubmitted, or Resubmit Requested Assignments, and you can 'Find users by their email or name'.


All the assignments that have been completed or that you are monitoring or managing are shown in this section. You can filter the assignments by 'Course' or 'Assignment Title'.

To manage any of the assignments is easy, simply click 'Manage' button next to each of the assignments.

This gives you an easy way to go in and manage each assignment, 'Approve', 'Reject' or 'Resubmit' the assignments, and provide 'Feedback' as well.

All the information is laid out easily for you to navigate back and forth and manage your assignments easily on the Zenler platform.

Please refer to the 'Support Documents' for more info on how to 'Add an Assignment to a Course' and 'Assignment Media Type'.

Also watch the video on 'Administrating Assignments'

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