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Engagement and Communication in a Community
Engagement and Communication in a Community
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To message the members in your specific community, go to 'Communities' > 'Zenler Community' > click 'Go to Community' icon.

(You can also 'Go to Communities' which takes you to all the communities that you are a part of or 'Add Community' by clicking these options in the right-hand top corner.)

The 'Community' window will open up. See the section where you can 'Write Something' & 'Add Emoji'.

You can also 'Upload an Image', 'Paste a Video Link' or 'Paste a Link'.

For example, click 'Paste a Video Link'.

The YouTube video link has been posted, and it is now visible in the post. Simply click 'Post' to proceed.

Additionally, there is an option to send a message to all members. If you have an important note, click the 'Mail' icon and check the box 'Send an email notification to all members'.

An email with your important note will be sent to all members of this community.

The platform's messaging feature is also highly effective for upselling other recently created courses or membership packages. Utilize the community feature and messaging function in Zenler to connect with your audience. However, exercise caution not to oversend emails to members as they may be perceived as spam. This is a powerful way to engage with your audience on Zenler.

Upon logging into your course, let's explore what one of our students would encounter.

Located at the top right corner, there's a 'notification bell' displaying "2 notifications," indicating the presence of 2 new posts in the community.

To view the notifications by clicking any of these posts or 'See All Notifications'.

After clicking 'See All Notifications', they will be displayed directly in the community for the student to view.

The student can also access the community via 'Menu Bar' > 'Community'.

Clicking on this option will lead you to all the 'Communities you are in' and 'Discussions' in which you are actively participating. You can view questions, videos, and track the status of approvals, responses, and completed tasks.

'John Smith', replied to your post: "This is great".

As the admin of the site, you will see a reply from 'John Smith' in your 'Notifications' on your admin dashboard. This gives you direct engagement with your students within the community.

In the 'Notifications' window click 'Settings' to see the options you have available.

With 'Email Notifications' turned 'ON', you will receive email alerts whenever users send you a message. This ensures that you never miss any engagement happening within your communities.

This highlights the power of communities and messaging, facilitating communication between you and your community members on Zenler.

Also, watch the video on 'Engagement and Communication in a Community'

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