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Creating Your First Community
Creating Your First Community
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First, Go to 'Communities' > 'Create Community'.

To start with, add 'Community Name', 'Community Description' & 'Community For' (the whole site or for a specific course/bundle plans).

We opted for 'Course/Bundle Plans'. We have only 1 course "How to Easily Create Your Course Inside Zenler" with different pricing plans.

Lastly, click 'Add'.

Now, your first community has been created and just click 'Publish Community'.

Once the community is published, it will display how many members are in the community. To access the community from here, click 'Go to Community'.

When accessed, a new pop-up window will appear, showing your 'Communities you are in' and 'Discussions.' The discussions within this window are exclusive to the course and can only be seen by you or other enrolled students. Individuals not belonging to a community won't have visibility into its discussions.

But you as an admin see all of your communities.

Please note, that at the moment there is just a generic icon and no cover photo, but we can change that.

Let's change the icon first, and click 'Change'. Recommended image size is 32 x 32.

Select an image & click 'Open'.

Adjust the image, then click 'Crop & Save'.

This is how the icon "Z" appears in the community.

Now, let's set up 'Cover Photo'. Click 'Change'. Recommended size image 620 x 200.

After you selected an image, click 'Crop & Save'.

This is how the cover photo appears in the community.

Once your first community is published, you can find it listed under the 'Communities' tab. From there, you can easily edit or access it using the respective icons.

Zenler allows unlimited communities on your site. As we discussed earlier, you can create a public community by using the "site" option instead of associating it with a specific course or bundle. This gives you the flexibility to organize and manage communities as per your requirements.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Community'

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