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Where Do Categories Show on Your Site
Where Do Categories Show on Your Site
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First, go to 'Courses' > 'Categories'.

Currently, there are two categories available: 'Training' and 'Marketing'. Let's copy and paste and the link for the 'Marketing' category, to display in a new window.

Now, we are in the 'Marketing' Category that contains only one course named "Marketing Made Easy".

Notice that you can effortlessly navigate the categories list using the search box and switch between categories, 'Marketing' and 'Training', and view their content.

This specific block of category as you can see here, can be inserted into course pages or any other pages using the 'Page Builder'.

Go to 'Site' > 'Pages' > 'Choose Page' where you want to insert the above dynamic block and click 'Edit'.

Go to 'Blocks' > 'Courses' > 'Choose Block' from the list that shows 'All Courses' and displays a category with a filter or search list as well. Then, drag & drop it wherever you want it on the page.

Now, you can see the 'All Courses' & 'Category' selection here.

Next, click 'Save' and 'Preview' in the right-hand corner.

Initially, it shows 'All Courses' but once you click on 'Category', it automatically filters the content accordingly. You can quickly browse through the different categories using this method.

You can set up 'Category' as a menu item, go to Menu 'Settings' on the left-had side by clicking the little icon.

The 'Settings' page will open up on the right-hand side. Go to 'Menu' > 'Add New Item'.

In the 'Add New Menu' window, type "Marketing" in the 'Text' field since it is one of our Categories. Next, choose an 'Action' from the dropdown menu and select 'Go to Link.' Insert the 'Link' for the Marketing Category. (You can find the URL for the Marketing Category in the location we indicated at the beginning of this document.)

Finally, click 'Save'.

Click 'Preview'. The 'Marketing' tab will be displayed in the menu bar. When you click on it, you will be directed to the content of the 'Marketing' category with the category filter applied.

You can use both methods: insert the block into a page or a course page or add it to the menu system. This way, you can create dropdown menus that navigate to different categories on your site.

Also, watch the video on 'Where Do Categories Show on Your Site'

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