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Applying a Category to a Course
Applying a Category to a Course
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First, you need to set up your categories, and then you can apply them to a course.

To begin, navigate to the 'Courses' & select the specific course (in this case, "Marketing Made Easy") to add it to the "Marketing" Category.

Go to 'Course Details'.

Scroll down to the 'Category' and 'Select Categories' from the dropdown menu. We have 2 categories that we have already created: "Marketing" and "Training".

We added this course to the "Marketing" Category. If needed, we can easily remove it by clicking on the "X" and choosing another category, or selecting multiple categories for this course to be listed under. Next, click 'Update'.

Let's check this out. Go to 'Courses' > 'Categories' > click the URL for Marketing Category.

The "Marketing" Category page is open, and the "Marketing Made Easy" course is displayed here.

However, if I select a category that doesn't have any courses, there will be no courses listed in that category.

Also, watch the video on 'Applying a Category to a Course'

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