Tiers within a Bundle

Master pricing tiers in Zenler bundles and understand the differences between tiers within bundles and tiers within courses.

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Tiers within bundles allow for the setup of pricing tiers. They function differently from the pricing tiers within courses.

To access bundles, go to 'Courses' > 'Bundles' > click the bundle that you want to access.

Click 'Pricing' > 'Add New Plan'.

'Choose Type' of Pricing Plan. I will choose the "One Time Purchase" option, although the pricing tier feature is available for all pricing plans. Click 'Next'.

For instructions on setting up pricing, please refer to the 'Support Documents' for pricing within courses. Scroll down to the 'Set Tiers' section and turn this option 'ON'.

Let's observe the differences. Within the bundle, you can select tiers based on the courses themselves. Unlike course tiers, which allow you to choose which sections or lessons are accessible. Within bundles, with course-based tiers, you choose a specific course. For example, if this pricing plan is associated with "How to Easily Create a Course Inside Zenler," if someone purchases this pricing plan, they will only gain access to that particular course, even if both courses are included in the bundle.

The same applies if you select the 'Marketing Made Easy' course; students will still only have access to the selected course. Therefore, within bundles, the key feature is that pricing tiers can be set up for each individual course included in the bundle.

Unlike courses, where you can determine which lessons or sections are accessible within a specific pricing plan, this is how tiers operate for bundles within Zenler.

Also, watch the video on 'Tiers within a Bundle'

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