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Bundle - Generic Features - Preview & Publish Bundle
Bundle - Generic Features - Preview & Publish Bundle

Explore Zenler's generic bundle options such as publish/unpublish bundle & sales page preview & bundle access page, no curriculum.

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First, go to 'Courses' > 'Bundles' > click 'Bundle' that you have already created.

On this page, you will find some generic settings 'Preview' & 'Publish Bundle'. on the right-hand side.

These do not change even when you switch between all the tabs (such as Pricing, Drip, Pages, Contents etc.)

You have the ability to 'Publish Bundle' or 'Unpublish Bundle'.

By clicking green tab 'Publish Bundle', you will notice that it is now published and the tab changes into red tab that says 'Unpublish Bundle'.

Please be aware that if you choose to unpublish it and you have students in the course, they will no longer be able to access this bundle.

'Preview': You can preview 'Sales Page as Visitor' or have 'Bundle Access Page as a Student'.

NOTE: You will not have access to the curriculum as the bundle is simply a container that holds your courses. Therefore, you can only preview the sales page and the bundle access page.

Also watch the video on 'Generic Features in All Tabs - Preview & Publish Bundle'

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