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Using Drip Inside of a Bundle
Using Drip Inside of a Bundle

Discover how to utilize the drip feature in Zenler bundles for course content release.

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To access the 'Drip' feature, go to 'Courses' > 'Bundles' > click on the desired course within the bundle to enable the drip schedule.

Inside the course, click the 'Drip' Tab.

You will be taken to the 'Drip Schedule' page. Next, click 'Enable Drip Schedule'.

The 'Drip Schedule', allows you to 'Drip by day after enrollment' or 'Drip by specific date'.

For each course, you can specify the release schedule using numerical values in minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Note: Drip functionality exhibits slight variations between bundles and individual courses. Enabling the drip schedule allows you to establish release dates for each course. Unlike courses, where you can drip specific sections, the key distinction is that drip within bundles enables the release of entire courses.

Important: If you have already configured drip settings for individual courses within the bundle, enabling the option "Allow Automation/Drip of contents for this bundle" will also apply drip settings to the courses. Therefore, it is crucial to consider this when managing drips in Zenler courses or bundles.

To learn more about 'Drips for Courses', please refer to the 'Support Documents'.

Also, watch the video on 'Using Drip Inside of a Bundle'

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