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Creating Your First Bundle
Creating Your First Bundle

Learn how to create your first bundle, select active courses, name, summarize & enable automation.

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To create your first bundle, go to 'Courses' > 'Bundles' > 'Create Bundle'.

In order to create a bundle, you need to have some active courses to include in the bundle.

Next, fill in 'Bundle Name', 'Bundle Subtitle', and 'Bundle Summary'.

If you turn on the option "Allow Automation/Drip of Contents for this Bundle", the automation and drip settings in each course of the bundle will be active.

If you don't turn ON this option, the automation and drip settings in the courses of the bundle will be ignored.

Finally, click 'Create Bundle'.

Now, your first bundle has been created!

Please refer to the 'Support Documents' for more information on Bundle Details, Contents, Pages, Pricing, Drip, Automation & Students Tabs within your 'First Bundle'.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Bundle'

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