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Re-Ordering Courses Inside a Bundle
Re-Ordering Courses Inside a Bundle
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We will demonstrate how to change the order of these two courses on your website: "Marketing Made Easy" listed first, followed by "How to Easily Create a Course Inside Zenler."

To change the order, navigate to 'Courses' and select 'Bundles'. Click on the specific 'Bundle' that contains the courses you wish to modify the order of.

In the bundle, click on 'Contents'.

Then, click on the 'three dots' and easily rearrange the courses by 'dragging & dropping' them into your preferred order. In this case, the top course was moved to the bottom of the list.

Once you've made the changes, refresh your main page, and the new order will be reflected as below.

Also watch the video on 'Re-Ordering Courses Inside a Bundle'

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