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Learn to modify bundle details: customize the URL, manage instructors, set visibility & enrollment limits, automation, upload a bundle card.

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To access the 'Bundle Details', go to 'Courses > 'Bundles' > click on the desired 'Bundle'.

Next, click 'Bundle Details'.

On the left- hand side, you will find details such as 'Bundle Name', 'Bundle Subtitle', 'Bundle URL' & 'Instructor'.

Make the bundle featured - this bundle will appear in featured courses block. Note that you would need to publish the bundle for it to be listed.

Make the bundle price hidden - bundle will be visible in your site but the students need to contact you to purchase the bundle.

Make the bundle secret - bundle will not be visible in your site. only students with direct link to the bundle can access it.

Set enrollment limit - limits the number of students enrollment in this bundle.

Allow automation/drip of contents for this bundle - if you enable this option, the automations and drip inside each of the contents on this bundle will also be enable. if you do not enable this option, automations and drip inside each of the contents on this bundle will be ignored.

On the right-hand side, you will find the 'Bundle Card'.

Upload your own course card for this bundle by clicking 'Change'.

(Please note that you can also design your own bundle cards on Canva and import them into the system. Additionally, you can remove the course card if desired).

Select a 'Course Card' for the bundle, then click 'Open'.

Adjust the cropping as needed & click 'Crop and Save.'

Now we have a new course card!

You also have the option to 'Show a rating on the course card', showcasing any testimonials or reviews that exist for this bundle.

Finally, remember to click 'Update' after making any changes to 'Bundle Details'.

TIP: Course cards should have dimensions of 1920 x 1080 to ensure the correct ratio for most media elements within Zenler.

Also watch the video on 'Bundle Details'

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