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Adding Automations to a Bundle
Adding Automations to a Bundle

Learn how to set up automations for bundles on Zenler.

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To access 'Automation' go to 'Courses' > 'Bundles' > click 'Bundle' where you want to add automation.

Go to 'Automation'.

Automation refers to emails that are triggered when someone enrolls in a bundle. To set up automation for the bundle, simply scroll down to 'Automation Rules' & click on 'Enroll Email Sequence'.

It opens up all the existing automation. You can edit them by clicking the 'edit' icon.

NOTE: If you've set up automation for each course within the bundle and enabled the 'Allow Automation/Drip of Contents for this Bundle' option under 'Bundle Details', be cautious as automated emails from each course will be sent out. So, be careful when configuring these settings.

The process of creating automation for bundles is identical to that of courses. For more detailed instructions, please refer to 'Support Documents' on 'Course Automation' to learn how to set up email automation for both courses and drip, as the same principles apply.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding Automations to a Bundle'

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