Course Details Area. What is It?

Create and customize courses, add instructors, set enrollment limits, and design attractive course cards.

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To overview 'Course Details' area, go to 'Courses' > Select Course' that you already created.

Course Details

Course Title: The name of your course

Course Subtitle: The subtitle for your course.

Course URL: This is created automatically. The URL name can be changed. You can copy the URL and send it out when the course is published.

Instructors: Instructors for this course can be selected by clicking on the box. A window will open up with the names of instructors, so just click the name of the instructors you wish to add.

Or you can remove instructors by clicking 'X' next to their name. You can even remove yourself as an instructor.

Category: You can also add the course to a 'Category' if you have set up one. If not, to set up a category, click on 'Manage Categories'.

Next, 'Add Categories'

This window will open up. Complete 'Category Name' & 'Category URL', then click 'Add Category'.

Now a new category has been created and we can add our course to this new category, in this case, called 'ZENLER'.

Make the course featured: If you checked ON this option, this course will appear in the featured courses block. Note that you would need to publish the course for it to be listed.

Make the course price hidden: Courses will be visible on your site but the students need to contact you to purchase the course.

Make the course secret: The course will not be visible on your site. Only students with direct links to the course can access it.

Enable certificate for this course: You can give a certificate to the student who completed the course. (Please see the support docs for more information on 'Certificates').

Set enrollment limit: To limit the number of student enrollments in this course.

Show the course progress screen between the lessons: The course progress screen will be shown between the lessons.

Course Card: A thumbnail for your course. You can 'Design on Canva' or upload your own course image by clicking 'Change'.

Please note that course cards should be a ratio of 9 : 16 in size and it is recommended to use 1920px x 1080px.

Show rating on the course card: Check ON for showing the rating on the course card.

Upload the course card image from your computer by clicking on 'Change'. Select the image from your folder, and then click on 'Crop and Save'.

Now the course card is uploaded.

To create your own course card, click on 'Design on Canva'.

You can use one of the ready-made designs and simply drag and drop the image from the left to the right.

You can also add/change the text of the image and upload your own logo to the image. When you finish, click 'Publish'.

Please note that you won't be able to use all of the images in Canva unless you have paid for a 'Premium' account.

This is your new course card.

In conclusion, course details play a crucial role in course creation. You have the convenience to modify information and enhance the course card's appeal. With the ability to add instructors, set enrollment limits, and enable certification, Zenler empowers you with the flexibility to create and customize your courses.

Please refer to the support documents for more information on 'Categories'.

Also, watch the video on 'Course Details Area. What is It?'

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