Analysing the Overview of Your Courses

Analyse your course activity in detail. View the summary, filter information, and track progress in the 'Overview' tab.

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To get to the overview Tab, go to 'Courses' and select your course.

Inside your course, click the 'Overview' tab.

The 'Overview' tab provides a summary of what's happening in each of your courses.

For example, you can view the number of Visitors, Enrollments, Sales, and Sale Count. You can also filter this information by a custom date range or select from pre-defined ranges such as "All Time," "Last Year," "This Year," "Last Month," "This Month," "Last 30 Days, " "Last 7 days," "Yesterday," and "Today."

Additionally, you can see who has enrolled and any activity on your course. A 'Pie Chart' is also available to show the progress in your course. As an example, the course mentioned below has had 381 'Visitors', 332 'Enrollments', generated over $27K in 'Sales', and has a 'Sales Count' of 326.

On the right-hand side, you can view 'Activity' and see who has completed, is in progress, or has not started the course.

This gives you a clear indication of what's happening in each of your courses.

Also, watch the video 'Analysing the Overview of Your Courses'

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