Previewing Your Course as Admin

Learn how to preview and test your online course before publishing it!

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Previewing your course allows you to view it before it is published. If your course is unpublished, it will say "Unpublished Course" in a red tab.

To preview your course, click on the "Preview" button in blue, located at the top of the page. You can use the preview tools to view:

'Sales Page as a Visitor'

'Course Page as a Student'

'Course Curriculum as a Student'

Previewing opens up a new tab, making it convenient for you to switch back and forth between the preview and editing pages. For example, this is a 'Preview' of the 'Sales Page as a Visitor'.

The same goes for viewing the 'Course Access Page as a Student' and the 'Course Curriculum as a Student'. However, keep in mind that since you are still logged in as an admin, you may be able to see draft lessons that are not visible to students, although you are viewing it as a student.

It's essential to fully test your course as a student to ensure that everything is working correctly. Testing as a student provides a full experience of what your students will go through. To do this, you can log out of your admin account and log back in as a student. This way, you can see exactly what your students will see and experience.

So, there is a difference between testing your course as an admin or testing it as a student.

Also watch the video on 'Previewing Your Course as Admin'

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