Setting Up Multiple Payment Plans

Learn how to set up multiple pricing plans on Zenler for your course. Choose from one-time purchase, free, or subscription plans.

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To set up multiple pricing plans in Zenler, go to: 'Courses' > 'Select your Course'

Next, go to 'Pricing' > 'Add New Plan'.

Choose the type of Payment Plan i.e. 'One Time Purchase' and click 'Next'.

Fill out the details for the plan, including the name (i.e. Bronze Package), price, and currency & click 'Finish'.

You can see the new pricing plan that we just created listed as 'Bronze Package', a one-time purchase.

To add another pricing plan, click 'Add New Plan'

Now, let's choose a different plan type, i.e. 'Free' and click 'Next'.

Again, fill in the details as previously & click 'Finish'.

Now you have multiple pricing plans listed for your course, 'One Time Purchase' & 'Free'.

Keep in mind that each pricing plan within a single course must use the same currency. If you try to use a different currency, you will receive an error message that says "Please choose the currency of the previous plan."

Once you have set up your multiple pricing plans, they will appear as options for your customers to choose from when purchasing your course.

Also, watch the video on 'Setting Up Multiple Payment Plans'

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