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Learn how to set up a one-time payment option in Zenler for your courses. Control access, add features, set enrollment limit & availability.

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How to add a one-time purchase type to your course? Go to: 'Courses' & select the 'Course' you wish to set up a 'One Time Purchase' plan for.

Next, go to 'Pricing' > click 'Add New Plan'.

Choose 'One Time Purchase' & click 'Next'.

The basic setup for the 'One Time Purchase' plan for your course is as follows:

Price: Choose the currency and the amount you want to charge for your course i.e. £100. All plans should have the same currency.

Name & Description: i.e. "One Off Payment" & "One Off Payment for this Course".

It is also helpful to include in the 'Description' the end date for purchasing this course, i.e. "Ends on April 30th, 2023"

Buy Button Text: i.e. "Buy Now" or "Get This Now"

Then, click 'Update'.

The first pricing plan has been set up and is listed under pricing plans now.

This is how it's going to look on your sales page.

If you want to edit or add more features to your pricing plan that you have just set up, click 'Edit' icon.

Now you are back to your Edit Page. Let's look at these options:

'Add Bullet Points' by 'Turning ON' this option. Enter 'Bullet Points Title' & 'Bullet Points'.

'Set Enrollment Limit' by 'Turning ON' this option. Enter the number of students you allow on this course, i.e. 10.

'Set Availability' by 'Turning ON' this option.

'Enrollment Start Date' is when this pricing plan becomes active, and no one will be able to purchase the course before that date. For example, if today is April 21st and you set the enrollment start date on the 23rd, no one can buy the course until that date.

If you want the course to be available immediately, set the start date to the current date, which would be April 21st.

'Enrollment Close Date' is the date after which no one can purchase your course. For instance, if today is the 21st of April and we set the 'Enrollment Close Date' for the 30th, it means that no one can buy the course after the 30th.

Also, make sure you set your time zone correctly.

It is suggested to include the end date in the 'Plan Description' (as above), so that students or prospective buyers are aware of when the course ends.

'Course Validity' determines the number of days the course will be available from the enrollment date. For unlimited access, set it to zero. If you set it to 10, the course will be valid for 10 days.

To 'Set Tiers', 'Turn ON' this option.

It allows you to provide access to specific sections or lessons in your course based on pricing plans. For example, with this pricing plan, you can grant access only to the 'Introduction' section and selected lessons (such as audio & video) in the 'Other Media' section, while restricting access to the rest of the course content. Users will not be able to access any other parts of the course.

Multiple pricing plans can be created for different sections or bundles (such as bronze, silver, and gold, representing one section, two sections, or all sections of the course).

Remember, you can create multiple pricing plans within a course or bundle.

Select 'Tax Category'

Digital (tax based on customer's location)

Physical/Services (tax based on seller's location)

Tax Exempt.

'Community'. If you have a community set up, you can link a course directly to it.

If you have multiple pricing plans, you can also 'Make this as most popular plan' by ticking the checkbox.

Refer to support Documents for more information on 'Tiers' & 'Community' features.

Also watch the video on 'One Off Payment Plan'

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