Taking Payments for Courses

Learn how to activate payment gateways on Zenler to receive course payments and set up Stripe or PayPal.

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To ensure that you can receive payments for your courses or website, you must activate one of the payment gateways available in Zenler. If you are using any pricing plan other than the free plan, this step is crucial. Failure to activate a payment gateway will result in your payments not being processed and your system will not work properly, regardless of the payment plan you have set up.

To activate a payment gateway, go to 'Site' > 'Integrations'.

Here, you must ensure that either 'Stripe' or 'PayPal' is set up.

If you have not set up these payment options within the platform, you will be unable to receive payments or generate revenue from your Zenler site.

It is important to note that our support documents provide detailed information on setting up 'Stripe', 'PayPal', and 'Razorpay' - the three forms of payment accepted within the Zenler platform.

For further information on 'Integrations', please see our support documents.

Also, watch the video on 'Taking Payments for Courses'

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