The Free Payment Plan

Learn how to set up a free payment plan for a course in Zenler and customize it. It covers enrollment limits, start/end dates & tiers.

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In Zenler, you have the ability to add a free payment plan option for your individual courses.

To set a free payment plan for your course go to 'Courses' and open the course.

Next, click 'Pricing'.

There are "no pricing plans added yet" to the course. Click 'Add New Plan'.

Choose the 'Free' Plan and click 'Next'.

Fill in the form, for example:


Description: This course is available for FREE

Buy Button Text: Pay Nothing

Add Bullet Points: Learn Zenler Quick

Speed up your Success

Sell Online

Next, click 'Update'

Now it's all set up & this is how it shows on your website.

You can also set up an 'Enrollment Limit', which allows a certain number of students to enroll for this pricing plan.

Additionally, we can set an 'Enrollment Start & Close Date' for the pricing plan.

If we set a close date, it's good to include it in the description to avoid confusion.

This is the view:

You can also turn the 'Set Tiers' option 'ON' to give access to specific course sections. Tiers are a great way to create different pricing plans for a course and upsell course sections.

If you want students to have access to the whole course, keep the 'Set Tiers' option 'OFF'.

Also, watch the video on 'The Free Payment Plan'

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