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Creating Your First Course with Zenler
Creating Your First Course with Zenler

Learn how to create your first courses easily on Zenler.

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To create courses from your dashboard, go to 'Courses' and then instantly on the left, you'll be taken to 'All Courses'.

Within here, it gives you the ability to start creating your first course. If you have already created courses, they will appear inside here to create a course.

All you need to do is click "Create Course."

Next, complete your 'Course Title' & 'Course Subtitle' to appear below your course name on your sales page, and on the course card. You also have 'Course Summary' that will appear on your course summary block. On the course sales page, you can easily edit the content using the 'Page Editor'.

Next, click "Create Course."

Now, Zenler will take you to the Course 'Curriculum' for you to start adding your course 'Sections' and 'Lessons'.

For more information on the Course Details, Curriculum, Pages, Pricing, Drip, Automation & Students, go to the support documents.

Also, watch the video on 'Creating Your First Course with Zenler'

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