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Overview of the Courses Area on Zenler
Overview of the Courses Area on Zenler

Create courses with pricing, drip content, bundles. Monitor assignments, reviews, and run reports. View video library, set up automations.

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To get to Courses area go to > 'Courses'

Inside here is your main area for creating all of your courses or membership media and curriculum. Within the course area, you are able to create singular courses with multiple pricing plans. You can have drip content, which is content that is released on dates you select. You can also create memberships using bundles to bundle courses together for immediate access and special offers to multiple courses or categories.

Assignments can be monitored and reviewed, and coupons can be created. You can see the instructors and the students, set up reviews, monitor, and approve them. Additionally, you can set up certificates for the end of the course, and view the video library that contains all of your uploaded videos into any of the courses you've created. You can also run reports on all of your course activities.

Please note that automation can also be set up - that is, automatic emails that go out when someone registers for your course.

Also, watch the video on 'Overview of the Courses Area on Zenler'

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