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Adding Lives/121 Classes to a Lesson

Learn how to add a live lesson type to your Zenler course in just a few simple steps.

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To add a live lesson type to your course on Zenler, go to 'Courses' & Select your 'Course'.

Next, click 'Curriculum' & 'Add Lesson'

Add 'Lesson Name'. Example: "Live Class" and click 'Save Changes'.

Add 'Live'.

This will allow you to choose from any live sessions that have already been set up in the live section of the course. Alternatively, you can create a new live session from this page.

If you already have a live session set up, simply click the dropdown and choose the appropriate option, in this case "Course Creation Made Easy".

Click 'Done' to complete the process.

Now, the live session has been added to your course.

How to preview your live class in the course as a student?

Go to Curriculum > Live Class > Preview > Course Curriculum as Student

This is how students view your live class in the Course > Other Media > Live Class.

Directly from here, your students can book their spot on the life by clicking 'Book My Spot'.

They will be automatically entered into the live session. As long as they are logged in, they won't need to enter any email or password information. They will also receive automatic reminders from the live platform regarding the start time of the session.

Where can you find all the Live classes?

Go to 'Live' > 'Live Class'.

You should see the live session you just added to your course, along with any other past or future live sessions that you created.

Overall, Zenler makes it very easy to incorporate live sessions into your course.

For more information on how this works, be sure to check out the support documents for a full breakdown of the live section in the Zenler platform.

Also, watch the video on 'Adding Lives/121 Classes to a Lesson'

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