Enabling Free Preview for a Lesson

Enable free course previews to attract buyers. Choose lessons, preview them on the sales page, and generate interest in your course.

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To enable free previews in a course is simple.

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' you want to add the video to.

Next, go to 'Curriculum' and select 'Lesson' for which you wish the free preview to be available. Then tick the box 'Enable Free Preview' and click 'Save Changes'.

A free preview allows potential buyers to see a little bit of the course before they purchase it. You can enable free previews for all lesson types, such as videos, audio, etc. Additionally, you can make multiple lessons available for free preview.

To preview what your student or potential buyers will see go to:

'Preview' > 'Sales Page as a Visitor'

This is the sales page of the course. You can view the first two lessons as we have enabled a free preview. However, the remaining lessons cannot be previewed unless you purchase the course or if the course is offered free of charge.

Click 'Preview'

The course curriculum will open up and allow you to watch this specific video lesson.

If you try to access lessons that are not available for preview, this message will come up:

Enabling free previews of some of the content in your course is an excellent way to generate interest and effectively use it as a sales pitch for your course sales page.

Also, watch the video on 'Enabling Free Preview for a Lesson'

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