Discussions Inside Lessons

Learn how to enable & manage lesson discussions, allowing student participation & using the inline display for discussions is recommended.

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To enable 'Discussions' in your lesson is easy!

First, go to 'Courses' then click the 'Course' you want to add the discussion to.

Next, go to 'Curriculum' and select 'Lesson' to add discussion. Check ON the box 'Enable Discussion'.

If you enable discussions for this lesson, all students who have purchased this lesson will be allowed to participate in this discussion.

NOTE: This is not a community. A community is tied to a whole course. Discussions are for single individual lessons within your course.

To preview these changes and see how they work for your students, you will need to log in as a student.

Go to the lesson where you have enabled discussions and click on 'Discussions'.

A discussion pop-up window will appear. Here, you can start a discussion with emojis, using images, videos, or attachments.

As soon as you turn on 'Enable Discussion', the option to 'Show Discussion Inline' will automatically appear.

"If you turn this option on, the discussion will be shown right below your content on the lesson. If you turn this option off, the discussion will be shown as a pop-up over the lesson when you activate it."

Tick the box 'Show Discussion Inline'.

When you go back to the same lesson while logged in as a student, the discussion box is not a pop-up window. Instead, an inline discussion automatically appears below the lesson content.

When new posts are added to discussions, you will receive 'Notifications' displayed on your dashboard by the small bell icon. You can view these notifications and participate in the discussion directly by clicking the notifications bell.

NOTE: Having too many discussion threads within a course can become an administrative nightmare. If you plan to have multiple discussions, it may be worth considering the use of the 'Communities' feature.

For more information on 'Communities', please refer to our support documents.

Also, watch the video on 'Discussions Inside Lessons'

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